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Join Sappi in our War on Waste. Reduce. Re-Use. Recycle.

Sappi’s War on Waste (WOW)

WOW is a Sappi ReFibre initiative, and is aimed at minimising paper waste in industry, offices, and schools. Agents throughout the country supply and collect WOW bins to facilitate this process.

We believe in using resources wisely and protecting biodiversity, so that we can conserve the natural environment we all depend on. So: 

Sappi does not use wood from indigenous or endangered forests
  anywhere in the world,
Our timber plantations are all certified for good management by
  the International Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC),
Sappi does not grow genetically modified trees or use them in
34% of Sappi-owned land in South Africa is not under cultivation
  or is used for biodiversity conservation,
We support many other independent conservation programmes
  through our corporate social investment (CSI) programme,
Continuous improvement at our mills is reducing the environmental
  impact of our production processes in dozens of ways,
We promote energy efficiency in everything we do, and some of
  our mills are completely energy self-sufficient,
We are strongly committed to water conservation, and our timber
  plantations account for only 3% of the country’s total water usage,
Plantation forestry is the only form of cultivation that pays for the
  water it uses,
We re-use and recycle in every way we can,
We are one of the few paper producers in the world to use
  renewable sugar cane fibre as a basic material in papermaking, and
All of the paper we produce is 100% recyclable.

Sappi WOW bins and litter bins

Sappi’s WOW bins are designed to be used to store paper for recycling, and they’re generally used in the office environment. The bin can be used many times over if it is kept clean and dry.

Sappi litter bins, on the other hand, are generally used by schools and at community events to prevent littering.

Both types of bins can be purchased through the public relations departments in the Sappi regional office closest to you. Sappi also considers requests for donations based on written proposals.

For further information or assistance, please contact your Sappi ReFibre Regional Manager (see Contact us for details).

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In developed economies, each person produces an average of one to three kilograms of waste every day. You do the math.
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WOW! Imagine a world without waste. You can make it happen.